My name is Olesia and I’m glad that you came here

Exhibition in Oldenzaal

Workshop “Petrykivka“ paintinting on 14 of April

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What is “Petrykivka“?

This is a traditional ancient painting technique originally from the Dnipropetrovsk region in Ukraine. The peculiarity of this technique is the unlimited choice of colors and the so-called "transition brush". The artist paints each element in one movement, each stroke is unique and has no chance of being corrected. The Petrykiv painting captivates with lush flower compositions and fantastic animals and birds. Come to the exhibition and join the master classes, you will get unforgettable impressions!

Let me introduce myself

My name is Olesia and my art name is “Lesley”.

I'm an artist from Ukraine, teacher of fine and decorative arts with a narrower specialization "textile art".

I currently live and work in the Netherlands, I moved here from Ukraine in 2022 due to the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

I have a higher pedagogical education in decorative and fine arts. I am working in two directions, silk painting in the "cold batik" technique and I am engaged in traditional Ukrainian painting "Petrykivka”.

We can talk with you in Ukrainian, English and Dutch languages



Courses & workshops

Work-shop ” Petrykivka “ painting for children
Workshop ” Petrykivka “ painting for adults
Course of “Petrykivka“ painting from A to Z
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Silk painting “Batik” & acrylic textile painting

Courses & workshops

Painting on silk “Batik”& acrylic texile painting
Work-shop “Textile painting“ painting on    t-shirts for children
Workshop silk painting “Batik”
Coming soon
Course of silk painting “Batik”
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